Tuesday, February 23, 2010

EU will meet its 2020 target on Renewable Energy

Despite the controversies airing up regarding the IPCC's findings and the failure of the Copenhagen Summit, there is still hope for the Renewable Energy industry. European Wind Energy Association's (EWEA) latest forcast document brings hope for us and which will be beneficial for all the regions across the world.

According to an analysis by the European Wind Energy Association of all 27 Member States' national forecast documents, the EU will meet and even slightly exceed, its 2020 20% renewable energy target.

The EWEA analysis shows that EU member states are on course to achieve over 20% renewable energy by 2020, with 21 Member States meeting or exceeding their national targets. The top 21 are made up of 13 Member States who predict they will meet their target and eight who forecast they will exceed their target.

Only six forecast they will not manage to reach their target through domestic action alone, although two of these say that with fresh national initiatives they can meet or exceed their targets. None of the six expect to be more than 1%-point below their target.

Spain and Germany will exceed targets

Top achievers are Spain, which believes it will reach 22.7% renewables by 2020 - almost 3%-points above its 20% target. Next comes Germany which expects to be 0.7%-points above its 18% target. In addition Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden will exceed their targets.

The six who do not expect to meet their target are Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and Malta, together with Bulgaria and Denmark - the two countries which state that with fresh national initiatives they could meet or exceed their targets. Bottom of the league is Italy which, in order to meet its target, foresees importing renewable energy from neighbouring non-EU countries (Albania, Croatia, Serbia and Tunisia).

"Europe has witnessed a sea-change since the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive was agreed as in 2008 many countries were stating that their target would be difficult to meet – now the majority are forecasting that they will meet or exceed their national target” said Justin Wilkes, Policy Director of EWEA. "The forecast documents give a clear signal to the European Commission of where they could facilitate implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive” said Wilkes.

Christine Lins, Secretary General of the European Renewable Energy Council stated, “The clear majority of European Member States recognise the economic, environmental and social benefits of promoting a broad range of renewable energy technologies nationally, as reflected in their forecast documents”.

For further details see EWEA’s website link below:



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